Add or Update a Property – Instructions

1.  Process Photos
Using Photoshop crop photos to 500X300 pixels at 72dpi
Save for web at 60% into folder named with property name.

2.  Upload Photos via Word Press
Open Layer Slider WP
Duplicate previous slider
Edit the new slider.  Rename to new property name
Open “Slides” tab, Delete all slides
Open Window Explorer, view new property photos
On Slider window, press “Click to set”
Open “Upload Files” tab
In explorer window, select all this property’s photos
Drag the photos to the slider window and drop them
Click “Insert”
Drag/drop photo tabs to arrange pictures in the sequence you like
NOTE the layerslider  ID # from “Short code” by “Save” button
Press “Transition” button
Select “Custom 2D&3D” tab
Select “MLAH Slide Show Style 1”
Click “Apply to others”
Set “Slide Timing” to 6000, press enter.  Do same for all slides.
SAVE Changes.

3. Create Google Map
On WP Dashboard, open “Maps”
Press “Create New Map”
NOTE the map ID# [MPGMZA ID#  xx] Enter property name as new Map Name
Locate the property on the displayed map
RIGHT Click  the property to set the marker
Enter the marker title (Same as map name)
Click Add Marker
Set Zoom Level

4. Create New Property Page
On WP dashboard, Open All Pages
CLONE a property similar to the one you wish to create
Edit the cloned (draft) page
Rename the page to new property name
Edit Permalinks to match new name
Change heading containing property name (2nd header)
Edit Layer Slider Short Code to include new property ID
Edit Date Table with new property info
Edit the Google Map Number.  ID you noted in Step 3.
Press SAVE

5. Update Directory Page
On WP dashboard, Open All Pages
Edit “Property Type” –Directory
Locate container holding the property entries
Clone the top container
Edit the cloned property table
Update text with new property info
Update the text link to Property page
Copy Property page link to clipboard (Ctrl+c)
Edit photo – Replace current photo with correct photo from library
Set custom thumbnail size to 150 px wide
Set Custom url to link copied above