Molokai is a Hawaiian island like no other, the island is laid-back and is far removed from the hustle bustle of everyday life. Molokai’s rustic charm lies in its secluded beaches and friendly faces. A serene place where you can catch up on your daydreams and marvel in nature’s splendor.Enjoy the Hawaiian song birds while watching the waves roll in.

Molokai is quickly becoming an affordable retirement community. Many people are choosing to escape the noise mainland lifestyle and are choosing peace and quiet.

Take a leisurely walk on the glistening white sand beaches were the only footprints you see will be your own. Our beaches are unspoiled with secluded coves tucked away in the sand dunes where your privacy is assured. Molokai is the best place in the world to rejuvenate your soul. Come make your dreams a reality.

Molokai is a romantic place for honeymooners or for those seeking a peaceful retirement haven. The island is quiet and unhurried with not a single traffic light.

Molokai has changed very little over the past several hundred years and is the birthplace of hula. Every May rich in tradition the Ka Hula Piko (birth of hula) festival at Papohaku Beach Park enchants both locals and visitors alike with a day of song, hula and local island food.

Snorkeling, surfing, hiking, kayaking, biking, plus historical & eco tours lure visitors into the way Hawaii used to be and still is here on Molokai.

During the months of May, July, September and October paddlers from around the world gather on Molokai to share their stories of paddling the world’s oceans. Outrigger canoes line the beach with their colorful painted hulls.

When night approaches gaze at the Milky Way galaxy, shooting stars, meteor showers dashing across the midnight blue sky. Look to the billions of stars on display in the constellations. An astronomers dream come true. Witness the brightest and fullest moons you have ever seen in your life.

Immerse yourself in an excursion to Hawaii’s last remaining intact coastal ecosystem, Mo’omomi (Keonelele) Dunes & the wild bird sanctuary. Local guides draw you in with tales of their ancestral background.

Halawa Valley’s Moa’ula & Hipuapua waterfalls, taro fields, and Pelekunu Valley Forest Preserve are a must see adventure. Stop by the many local farmer’s stands for fresh island fruits and vegetables.

Visit the Molokai Coffee Plantations for a cup of locally grown and brewed coffee. The finest in the world. Winner of the Hawaiian Coffee Tasters. What a ono (delicious) treat for the palette. Every Friday afternoons our local Kupuna play Hawaiian music at the Hotel Molokai for your enjoyment. Get there early for a good seat. Music starts at 4:00.

The Ironwoods golf course is an 9 hole course. Every fairway has a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and valleys. Get in a round of golf with some of the locals and you will experience an unforgettable day of golf you will cherish forever.

Maunaloa Village is a charming sleepy country town. There you can find the General Store and The Big Wind Kite & Gift Shop. Make sure you take some time to talk story with the owner, Jonathan

Come refresh your mind and soul and share in my secret island treasure, MOLOKAI. Come visit, come live!

Warmest Regards,

Jill McGowan ~ Realtor Broker